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Welcome to the home of Jitsu Vancouver, the umbrella site for Jitsu Canada clubs located in Greater Vancouver Area. Headed by Nidan Alex Fairweather, Jitsu Vancouver has a club in the heart of southern Vancouver, at the Killarney Community Centre and another club at Trout Lake Community Centre, run by Kevin Eugene Sensei.

Jitsu Vancouver offers an enjoyable atmosphere for participants to achieve a higher fitness level while gaining valuable self-defense skills. Jiu jitsu can be used by anyone of any size, strength, weight or gender. Training is tailored to the individual capabilities of each student, and a friendly, "club" type atmosphere is maintained at all sessions. New students don't need a high standard of physical fitness or flexibility, as participants gradually improve on their endurance, strength, flexibility and speed as training progresses. Jiu jitsu is also great fun to learn and gives you the opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu uses joint locking, throwing and striking techniques to provide an effective defense system. Its wide variety of restraint and takedown techniques allow for controlled responses to a violent confrontation. The techniques use the attacker's movement and momentum against him/herself.

Our association, Jitsu Canada, is committed to providing high quality and enjoyable instruction to anyone who wishes to learn. All participants will receive full attention from the instructors.

Jitsu Vancouver - A Jitsu Canada Club, Killarney Community Centre, 6260 Killarney Street, Vancouver, BC
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